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The process of restoration of Soviet vintage motorcycles Dnepr KMF

Категория: English version / Restoration process

We suggest you watch the entire process of restoration of motorcycles Dnepr KMF on the line of our company. We give the opportunity to see how old, ugly motorcycle Dnepr becomes rusty pile of parts into a whole new, refurbished Dnepr on the go. You will also spend a virtual tour of our company where you can see all the rooms in which the restoration is done and preparation for the sale of motorcycles Dnepr.


1. Welding of worn parts.

Welding - the technological process of obtaining permanent link through the establishment of interatomic and intermolecular bonds between the welded parts of the product when used for their heated. Welding compounds of metals and their alloys.



2. Sand-blasting.

Cold abrasive surface treatment of metal products by damaging its surface with sand or other abrasive powder, sprayed air flow.

- Cleaning of metal blanks from scale, old paint, rust and other contaminants.

- Degreasing metal blanks before painting.






3. Glass-blasting processing.

Glassbasting processing - a method of cleaning and finishing metal surfaces. Glassblasting treatment is the most effective method of cleaning and finishing of metal surfaces.

The essence of the method as in traditional sandblasting is bombarded surface of the product air mixture particles of a certain diameter and physical properties. When glassblasting bombardment of the surface treatment is carried out by millions of microscopic glass beads in a stream of compressed air.

Method glassblasting surface treatment is very simple and at the same time extremely effective. After its application details get a clean, smooth, without residues of abrasive particles and, most importantly, with full preservation of the original mechanical properties of the surface, the size and geometry of the part.







4. Powder coating.

Powder paint - is a fine powder obtained by melt film-forming components, pigments, special additives, by mixing and extruding the melt into a thin plate with subsequent crushing, grinding and screening. As the film forming often use polyester resins and epoxy resins, and mixtures thereof, at least - and urethane acrylate. The particle sizes of the finished powder paint of 10 to 100 microns.

Powder coating - ecologically clean, soft technology of high-quality decorative and decorative and protective coatings. Coating formed from polymer powders which are applied to the painted surface of the product with a uniform layer method, whereupon the applied layer of powder is melted at a temperature of 160-200 ° C, with subsequent formation of a uniform continuous cover. It is the relatively high polymerization temperatures stained mainly metal and glass. The last decade is a rapid penetration of powder coating technology in the sphere of traditional methods of paint. In the world today stained using this technology, approximately 15% of all the articles to be dyed and the number is increasing.



5. Polymerization.

After the powder coating is applied to the workpiece surface, they are sent to the formation of the coating. This stage consists of melting the ink layer, the subsequent receipt of the coating film, its curing and cooling. The process itself takes place in a special chamber of polymerization, in which due to the convection of heat is kept uniform throughout. The cell of polymerization of the powder paint layer, which is still held on the workpiece surface static charge melts and fills the pores of the material.




6. Bender.

Oppression exhausts.






7. Sander.

Performs grinding and polishing of pipes for exhaust systems of motorcycles Dnepr.



8. Running the engine.

Mode of operation during which the details of the engine and transmission to adapt to one another. During the break-in is not recommended to give the car a high load, is does not exceed a certain speed (typically 80-90 km / h) not to raise the engine speed above value (usually a 3000-3500 rev / min for the petrol engine or diesel. Running usually lasts for the first 2000-3000 km.



9. Electrical equipment, electric plant.




10. The assembly of finished products.






11. Break-in stand.

Check all functions of motorcycle operation.



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